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Rev. Gisele King
Rev. Gisele King

Rev. Gisèle King made her transition into the Light on February 7, 2022. She was a teacher, healer, and spiritual counselor who worked in the field of spiritual education since the early ‘70s; she was a student of Cosmic Law, worked with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great White Brotherhood for many years. Gisèle was a Minister-Director of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., a REIKI Master and certified in Physio-Etheric Body Healing(TM). Gisèle led weekly group meditations for over 50 years.

Kathryn and Gisèle chose the path of Ascension, and received the Keys of Ascension; they accepted the mantle of Master-Teachers of Magnified Healing® of the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE with Lady Kwan Yin.

Rev. Kathryn Anderson
Rev. Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson made her transition into the Light on February 12, 2015, at the age of 88. She was an ordained Minister, metaphysician, Huna Shaman, and REIKI Master. She was a teacher of teachers. She had been actively involved in meditating, healing, spiritual counseling, and initiating for over thirty-five years. Kathryn held REIKI Clinics for several years after her Master’s initiation in 1989.

Magnified Healing® Representatives

Cristiana de Castro Mesquita
Grand Master Teacher
Cell: +55 61 99622 & WhatsApp
E-mail: cristianacastromesquita@gmail.com
Website: www.cristianamesquita.com.br/

Europe, Oceania and Japan
Ana Kubla

Grand Master Teacher
Mobitel: +385 91 1515 521
E-mail: ana@trueself.hr
Web: www.magnifiedhealing-ce.com/

India (English and Hindi manuals)
Rukhmini Punoose
Grand Master Teacher
Cell: +91 0982 1930 007 or +91 8450 995 987 & WhatsApp
E-mail: rukhminipunoose@yahoo.com
Website: www.magnifiedhealingindia.com

Mauritius, Réunion and Africa
Mr. Selvanaden Ayasamy
Grand Master Teacher
Tel/Fax: +230-686-1903 – Cell: +230-5940-1175, and WhatsApp
E-mail: selvan@intnet.mu, selvanadenayasamy@hotmail.com

Mexico and Central America
Lila Evangelina Espinosa Menéndez
Grand Master Teacher
Cell: +52 55-1333-2023 & WhatsApp
E-mail: llama.trina@yahoo.com.mx
Web: www.magnifiedhealing-mx-ca.com

Taiwan and other countries in the world where Chinese is spoken (Cantonese & Mandarin)
Nancy Wang
Grand Master Teacher
Tel: 886-2-2768-2213 – Fax: 886-2-2747-4258
E-mail: nancywangnancy@gmail.com
Web: www.magnifiedhealing-chinese.com

All other countries and regions
Valeria Pereira
Great Grand Master Teacher and President
E-mail: lotus@magnifiedhealing.com

List of Active Grand Master Teachers of Magnified Healing®

Ana Kubla– Europe – Email
Cristiana Mesquita – Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries – Email
Dancing Cloud Steggerda – Europe – Email
Edward Shen – Canada and Hong Kong – Email
Jan Pemberton – USA – Email
Lila Evangelina Espinosa Menéndez – Mexico and Central America – Email
Maria Tereza Cunha – Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries – Email
Nancy Wang – Taiwan and other Chinese speaking countries – Email
Rukhmini Punoose  – India – Email
Sonia Guadagnin  – USA –  Email