We need to receive the specific time (e.g. 9 am-6 pm) of your workshops in order to post them on the Upcoming Events page of the Magnified Healing website. The 1st Phase and 3rd Phase workshops are at least two and a half days (18 teaching hours).

We need to receive a color copy of all your certificates (as requested when you complete the form) in order to post your profile in the Teacher/Practitioner Directory of the Magnified Healing website.

To save time, and back and forth correspondence, when you send us an e-mail, kindly sign your full name because even if I know most of you, my assistant who receives your e-mails in my absence might not; as well, there are many people in the world by the same first name. Same request when you leave a voice message on our telephone: kindly speak your name slowly and spell your last name. There is not always a clear connection from where you are calling and this way you will not think we are avoiding calling you back. It’s just that we did not understand your name or you told us your telephone number too fast. I thank you for your kind cooperation.

Year 2021 – According to the Solar/Gregorian calendar
Kwan Yin’s Birthday: 31 March 2021
Enlightenment day: 28 July 2021
Ascension day: 24 October 2021

The following dates are based on the Chinese Lunar year.
Kwan Yin’s Birthday: 19 February 2021
Enlightenment day: 19 June
Ascension day: 19 September