Digital kits to all South American countries

Important message for all South American Teachers and Practitioners (except Brazilians)

Beloved Magnified Healing® Spanish-speaker teachers and practitioners from South America,

Our dear Rev. Gisèle King and Kwan Yin always wanted to make Magnified Healing® workshops accessible to everyone in the world.
Keeping that in mind and my promise to always respect Gisele’s wishes, I have made the decision to introduce the digital kits to all South American countries except Brazil.
Until further notice, beginning November 2022, all teachers and practitioners from South America, where Spanish is spoken, should purchase the kits and other teaching material from our website here in the USA. You can read the website in Spanish as well as in 16 other languages. The link to place orders is Link: Products – Magnified Healing®
The teachers can order the hard copy kits (manual + certificate + mp3) or the digital kits (e-manual, -certificate and mp3). The only forms of payment will be credit cards and Western Union.
All teachers from South America and Spain who took the 1st Phase workshop before 2017, that is, those practitioners/teachers who did not learn the practice with the Sacred Names, the article ‘Connection of the Nervous System / Primary Glands, the Building of the Light Body’ and the Essential Oil article, must take the 1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class (preferably online) before they can be certified to teach the MH 1st Phase full workshop with the digital kits.

Suggested 1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class that Will be taught in January and February 2023:
Revisión on-line de Estudios avanzados de Magnified Healing® ® – clase bilíngue en português y en español
En esta revisión hablaremos sobre la inclusión de los Nombres Sagrados en la práctica de la primera fase, que comenzamos a utilizar desde la 8a edición del manual en 2017.
Además de hacer la revisión. Vamos a profundizar en la técnica y principalmente en la geometría sagrada inherente a los movimientos de la práctica. Lo cual da otro sentido a la técnica.
Para participar deberás tener el manual actualizado de la primera fase, y el CD/mp3 de la práctica con los nombres Sagrados.
Si tu manual es de alguna edición anterior a estas ediciones, necesitarás adquirir el material directamente con Valéria Pereira en: para adquirir el material en español.
La clase será en portugués con traducción al español de Monica Rodríguez Velásquez.
Que el poder del amor nos pueda unir para traer las transformaciones necesarias, para que tengamos la evolución que ya está programada para la humanidad.

FACILITADORAS: Maria Helena Leite de Moraes y Monica Rodríguez Velásquez.
Fecha: ENERO – 21 y 22/01/2023 las 9am a las 6pm (hora de Brasilia) (2 días)
FEBRERO – 25 y 26/02/2023 las 9am a las 6pm (hora de Brasilia) (2 días)
Valor: R$ 450,00 o US$ 160,00
Forma de pago: Via PayPal (con tasa de 4,5%) o Western Union en nome de Maria Helena Borba Leite de Moraes – CPF 174.854.888-30 (PIX)
Para más informaciones: o célular/whatsapp +55 11 99245-9282

After taking the 1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class, the teachers from South America who purchase the digital kits will receive a free virtual training session to learn how to use and teach with the digital material. Each session will last 2 hours and will be given by me, Valeria Pereira.

The first set dates for the free virtual training session for South American teachers are:
• 21 December 2022 at 7pm (Buenos Aires time)
• 11 January 2022 at 7pm (Buenos Aires time)
• 25 January 2023 at 7pm (Buenos Aires time)
A minimum of 5 teachers is required for the free Virtual training.
Digital versions of the manuals will be available for online viewing on your devices as often as you wish. Downloading is allowed four times. Printing the manual is not allowed. The e-certificate can be printed.

(Suggestion: For the download of the manual, choose three devices you use the most to read e-books when there is no internet.) The purposes of making our Magnified Healing® kits available to teachers and students in digital format are:
• to spread our commitment to sustainability.
• to protect our natural world and be more socially responsible.
• to reduce our carbon footprint to create a safer, cleaner future.
• to eliminate costs of shipping and customs fees
• to make Magnified Healing® workshops available worldwide without the need to print/reproduce manuals, certificates or CDs. They will be issued electronically by our Headquarters in the USA.

All certificates will be digital, but the students and teachers can print them if they wish to do so. The manuals cannot be printed. This is a new era, and teachers and students can read their manuals on their laptop, tablet or smartphone. It might take a little time, but people are getting used to reading everything on tablets and laptops.
To find more information about all our workshops, please read the article: Our Workshops and Classes in 2022 – Magnified Healing®
South American teachers, please contact me at to receive an email with detailed information.

Thank you
In the Divine Light,
Valeria Pereira
President –

Valeria Pereira
Author: Valeria Pereira