Latest News – In-Depth Studies Class for Teachers of the 3rd Phase Workshop


Rev. Gisèle King and Kathryn Anderson, co-founders of Magnified Healing®, used to say that one day, they asked Kwan Yin if Magnified Healing® would be only the three phases presented to them. At that moment, Kwan Yin smiled and said that this is just the tip of the iceberg, meaning, we have only scratched the surface.

Time went by and during one of Rev. Gisele’s trips to Brazil, she asked that the Sacred Geometry in Magnified Healing® be taught in depth. Until then, teachers told students that Magnified Healing® used Sacred Geometry, but it wasn´t formally taught. So that´s how the text on the Sacred Geometry of the 1st Phase was written, and it is now presented and studied in the 1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class, which is now a requirement from those who want to teach the 1st Phase, and from those who want to take the ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner Workshop.

Throughout the last years before she made her transition into the Light, Rev. Gisèle King was working on some texts and getting them authorized by Kwan Yin. She was connecting spirituality and science in Magnified Healing®. Those texts show the connection between MH 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ and subjects such as biology, biochemistry, mathematics, neuroscience, and sacred geometry, among others.

Beginning June 2023 all over the world, a greater understanding of our path on Earth will be shared with the Magnified Healing® 3rd Phase Teachers. Unfortunately, there was no time for Rev. Gisèle King to deliver and present these teachings herself, as it was her will. So, respecting her wishes, Valeria Pereira and some Magnified Healing® Representatives got together throughout the last year to deepen the knowledge and understanding about the texts, and now they will be aligning all the teachings of the 3rd Phase with the new information from those texts.

Only the Magnified Healing® representatives will be able to teach these in-depth studies to those who have already taken the Teacher Training workshop. Teachers of the 3rd Phase will then share these teachings during the 3rd Phase Practitioner workshops. It is especially important to emphasize that this is not a change in practice. The practice has been the same since it was first introduced in 1992. This is because it is complete and perfect. There is not a single comma in Magnified Healing®️ that is devoid of meaning.

What we will be presenting are deeper explanations, so that Magnified Healing® ‘Light Healing’ is better understood in its magnificence. For you, who took your Teacher Training workshop before 2023, to have access to these explanations, we invite you to take this class with one of our Representatives who are dedicating themselves to making the teachings and explanations in all workshops more uniform, regular, and consistent. With these studies, we will be speaking the same language regarding the ‘Light Healing’ teachings.

We would like to inform you that, soon, only the teachers who take these studies will be able to teach the Light Healing® Practitioner workshop. The prerequisite to take this class is to have taken the 1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class online or in person.  



The training goes far beyond teaching how to give the Light Healing Practitioner workshop. Its main objective is to deepen the knowledge of Magnified Healing® in all its phases, in its expansion, to present the science that explains its meaning, efficiency and to deepen in the spiritual concepts that involve the ascension process.

In the ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshop we teach the practice of Healing and Transfiguration, preparing the students’ system for this cosmic frequency and creating together the instruments, frequency and vibration involved in the healing process.  Whereas, in the Teacher Training workshop, we study comprehensively the geometry and sacred mathematics involved in the process, we understand in clearer, thoroughly and expanded levels each of the components that make up the healing complex taught in the Light Healing Practitioner workshop, and it helps us to embrace more clearly, our empowerment as Pillars of Light in the planet, as Ascended Masters, as Elohim creators to reactivate and rewrite Paradise on Earth, activating humanity in its Adam Kadmon pattern and code.

This workshop brings forth a leap in consciousness, in vibrational frequency and consequently, our understanding of our role and presence in these planetary times. The ‘Light Healing’ Teacher Training workshop brings a Holy Spirit Initiation, a sacred and meaningful Initiation to manifest the Gifts of the Spirit in matter, leading us to unshakable Peace, the result of perfect communication with the upper levels of Light and gates of ascension that are open and activated.

The Initiation far beyond a Meditation for Empowerment, it is an Initiation of conscious transfiguration and activation of patterns and codes of Light not experienced before. Thus, this workshop goes beyond merely training teachers for the Light Healing Practitioner workshop. It is, so far, the culmination of Magnified Healing as personal spiritual empowerment tool. It allows us a clearer awareness and more extensive understanding of Magnified Healing® 3rd Phase as a whole.  

Please contact our representatives to find out when they will teach the In-Depth Studies Class:

   Cristiana de Castro Mesquita ( English and Portuguese)

   Ana Kubla (English and Croatian)
   Rukhmini Punoose (English)
   Mr. Selvanaden Ayasamy (English and French) 
   Lila Evangelina Espinosa Menéndez  (Spanish and English)
   Nancy Wang (Chinese and English)

Valeria Pereira
Author: Valeria Pereira