Rev. Gisèle King and the Magnified Healing offices are located at:

West Palm Beach, FL  U.S.A.
Telephone: 561-615-4747
Fax: 561-615-4750
Sales office : 407-283-4435
Sales Office:

- Please send us your faxes during those hours -
Kindly note that Magnified Healing in West Palm Beach does not have a Center, and our facilities are working offices only. Therefore, if you plan on visiting us, please contact us well ahead of time to make an appointment.  Thank you!
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To save time, and back and forth correspondence, when you send us an e-mail, kindly sign your full name because even if I know most of you, my assistant who receives your e-mails in my absence might not; as well, there are many people in the world by the same first name. Same request when you leave a voice message on our telephone: kindly speak your name slowly and spell your last name. There is not always a clear connection from where you are calling and this way you will not think we are avoiding calling you back. It's just that we did not understand your name or you told us your telephone number too fast. I thank you for your kind cooperation.

Year 2021 - According to the Solar/Gregorian calendar
Kwan Yin's Birthday:  31 March 2021
Enlightenment day: 28 July 2021
Ascension day:  24 October 2021

The following dates are based on the Chinese Lunar year.  
         Kwan Yin's Birthday: 19 February 2021
         Enlightenment day: 19 June
         Ascension day: 19 September 

We need to receive the specific time (e.g. 9am-6pm) of your workshops in order to post them in the Upcoming Events page of the Magnified Healing website.  The 1st Phase and 3rd Phase workshops are at least two and a half days (18 teaching hours).

We need to receive a color copy of all your certificates (as requested when you complete the form) in order to post your profile in the Teacher/Practitioner Directory of the Magnified Healing website.


It is with great happiness that we announce the certification of five (5) more Grand Master Teachers  They have been teaching extensively in their area for several years.

Valeria de Paula Pereira – U.S. - MH Administrative Assistant –

Cristiana Mesquita – Brazil – Also representative of MH -;

Dr. Edward Shen -  Canada & Hong Kong -

Rukhmini Punoose – India – Also representative of MH –

Sonia Guadagnin – U.S. (English, Spanish, Italian) -

They are now certified to teach the 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Teacher Training workshop anywhere in the world.

By their total dedication and commitment to the Higher Light, we are honored and congratulate them for accepting to be part of the grand plan of transforming humanity and the earth for the collective ascension and the fulfillment of the divine plan of Redemption. 



Rev. Gisèle King, co-founder of Magnified Healing -  
Gabriela Hernández - Argentina  -
Nancy Wang - Taiwan  -
Selvanaden Ayasamy - Mauritius Island  -
Riny van Gaans - The Netherlands  -
Dancing Cloud Steggerda - The Netherlands  -
Margarida M. Fonseca - Brazil  -
Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha - Brazil -
Neusa Maria Costa Cunha - Brazil  -
William Hauw - Singapore  -
Lila Evangelina Espinosa Menéndez - Mexico -
Ana Kubla - Croatia, Germany, Austria  -
Jan Pemberton, U.S.A.  -
Valeria de Paula Pereira - U.S.A.-
Cristiana Mesquita  - Brazil -
Dr. Edward Shen - Canada & Hong Kong -
Rukhmini Punoose - India -
Sonia Guadagnin - U.S.A. - 

Other important features are available on our website.  Please proceed to the Upcoming Events page and click on 'Event Posting Form' to post your own workshops. You can also proceed to Teacher/Practitioner Directory to list yourself as a Teacher-Practitioner of Magnified Healing. In the first box, you list all the services you want to offer with Magnified Healing.  In the second box, you list all the services you want to offer with other modalities. Please remember to send a color copy of all your certificates even if you have sent a copy of your certificates previously, so your listing will be posted as soon as I receive copies of all your certificates.  You can even take pictures of them on your cell phone and e-mail them to or whatsapp 1 407 283 4435. Thank you.
Rev. Gisèle King


There are some Magnified Healing teachers in several countries in the world who, unfortunately, are teaching with copies of the manuals and make their own certificates and Essence instead of giving the official Magnified Healing teaching material to their students.  Also some teachers are teaching MH 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner workshop while they are not certified to teach it.  Some teach the Magnified Healing courses under another name; in one day or only a few hours; or teach online and put the manuals online to be downloaded, and/or do the Initiation at distance with or without teaching the course.  This is against the guidelines and instructions we have received from our beloved Kwan Yin.  It is also an infringement of International Copyright and Trademark laws as all Magnified Healing texts are protected under International laws.  This is also against Cosmic laws which teach us unconditional divine love, integrity and impeccability which is what Magnified Healing is about.  Doing so will cause confusion, mistake or deception in those familiar with Magnified Healing and dilute its value.  It compromises the integrity of the energy and denies the full essence of the teachings the students should receive.  It also prevents the students from teaching or learning the more advanced courses because they are not officially certified to do so.  For this reason, we kindly ask that you use discernment in choosing a teacher and we strongly suggest that you contact us directly or the representative of your country where there is one, to ascertain that your teacher of 1st Phase, Celebration or 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner workshops is officially certified to teach these classes and teach them in total integrity and impeccability.  A certificate of 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner does not confer the right to teach the 3rd Phase.  This teacher needs to be certified as a Master Teacher of the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing'.  Please ask to see your teacher's credentials.  All official Magnified Healing certificates are very unique and cannot be reproduced.  Do not rely on a copy of certificate they might show you because it could be a copy of a copy.  Instead please contact us at for verification.
Please visit the Online Store page to view the official teaching material that you should receive at your workshop.  Do not accept any substitute.  Thank you.


As we honestly look at all the challenging changes taking place in these present times, we must ask ourselves: “What are we to do as co-workers in the Light?” We have been asked from on High to do the Magnified Healing practice and Healing of the Earth at least once a day. It increases Magnified Healing in this dimension, not only to increase your personal healing power but to make the energy itself more expansive throughout the earth and throughout the universe.

In your I AM Presence, your Christed Overself, connect to all other Magnified Healing® practitioners, intensify your ‘Heart Flame’ and call forth all the thoughts, feelings and actions that radiate through you as Love, Wisdom and Power. Then allow Grace and Peace to fall on all creation.

We look to each day with confidence and gratitude to God Most High in the ‘knowing’ that we are Light.

Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish Adonai ‘Tsebayoth!

(Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts!)