These answers were prepared by The OFFICIAL Magnified Healing® team

Magnified Healing Essence Update

Up until now, the Essence has been limited to the personal use of those certified in Magnified Healing and for everyone who participates in the Celebration - whether certified or not.

The 3rd Phase of Magnified Healing has brought with it a Cosmic Dispensation; it has opened the doorway with Love for a solar augmentation of the Magnified Healing Essence energy which has increased the scope of its use.

The Essence now has several uses....

Using the Essence daily is imperative in these changing times. It supports and sustains our inner alignment and stability. When used in conjunction with Magnified Healing regularly, our awareness increases and we are able to cope with changes and be transformed.

Those not yet certified in Magnified Healing are now being blessed by an opportunity to use the Essence as well! All M.H. Practitioners may now offer a single undiluted drop of the Essence to anyone at the time they are receiving a Magnified Healing healing treatment from you. This will support a greater receptivity and openness to the healing.

With guidance from on High, Magnified Healing 3rd Phase 'Light' Healing Practitioners may also dispense one drop of the undiluted Essence, once a day, to their clients for a temporary period of time to sustain and support their healing process in cases of chronic illnesses or serious traumas.
At the Celebration, because of the supportive energy, all participants may receive one drop of undiluted Essence.
Let God be the Guide for each individual...
For people who do not take alcohol, you may put one drop of the Essence on their 3rd Eye.

Q. 1 - What is the difference between Reiki and Magnified Healing?

Gisele King, Mauritius 2006
Gisèle King, Mauritius 2006

A. While Reiki (Traditional Usui) and Magnified Healing are both vibrational energy healing, the Reiki energy is passed via attunements from the Teacher. It is a channeled energy and is directed into the body of the person . The body takes the energy and utilizes it to the level of acceptance of the individual receiving it and the imbalances are processed through the natural processes of the body in a number of ways like crying, sleeping, etc.   In Magnified Healing, you co-create the energy with GOD MOST HIGH; you become it.  You are a co-creator. The MH energy flows from one hand to the other through the body of the client immediately releasing all misqualified energies and imbalances that are then sent to the Violet Fire for transmutation. Magnified Healing is a 5th dimensional frequency vibration healing energy and is a tool for the Ascension process because its focus is on the heart - Unconditional Spiritual Love and Compassion, we build our Light Body, we work with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and we are of service to others. Magnified Healing is used for distant healing, healing karma, building the Light Body, activating all the strands of DNA  as well as healing the Earth.  MH is really an Ascension Initiation. It heals at all levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual. It also introduces the student to the Hierarchy (Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Shekinah (Holy Spirit), etc.).

Q. 2 - Kwan Yin's electronic pattern is the Five-Petaled Lotus. What is an electronic pattern?

A. Every individual has a life pattern (a flower, flame, cross, etc.) that is stamped on every electron of energy he uses or that flows through him/her. It is a pattern given the God-Flame when individualized. The vibration of your individuality has a specific pattern, also a certain tone, or music theme. Kwan Yin's electronic pattern is the Five-Petaled Lotus. It is her vibratory energy. The Lotus symbol is not used in the practice of Magnified Healing, only as the Logo.

Q. 3 - When you speak about Kwan Yin, you mention that "Kwan Yin was the Chohan of the 7th Ray". What is a Chohan and what is the 7th Ray?

A. A Chohan is a Lord of one of the seven rays. He is the Law of that Ray to the Earth. The Chohan's action is to serve the souls of individuals embodied on earth. The Chohans of the Seven Rays are the messengers of the Seven Elohim (Creator Gods) from the Central Sun. The Seven Archangels were the first Chohans of the rays to the earth. The Seven Rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the Universal Mind. They embody divine purpose and express the qualities required for achieving this purpose. Rays are, more or less, emanations of energy from the Heart of the Most High, through that of a Master, directed towards not only mankind and the earth, but to the whole universe. (from Law of Life book - ADK Luk publications)

The 7th Ray is the ray of Freedom. It is the Violet Ray. It is a ceremonial ray, the ray of conscious invocation by which the quality of energy is changed. Its action is that of purification and redemption; it is the ray of sublimation and transmutation. The Violet Flame is the Flame of forgiveness, purification, transmutation and reconstitution. It might be fair to say that the majority of the spiritual (not necessarily religious) people on earth at this time are born under the 7th ray. Magnified Healing is not an Initiation into a Ray but it does not exclude the working of the different rays through an individual. In the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' practice, we work with the Elohim of the Seven Rays who teach us the power of manifestation.

Q. 4 - Would you please tell us more about the requirements for taking the different levels of Magnified Healing?

1st level of Magnified Healing: Pre-requisite: a basic knowledge of karma, chakras, Violet Fire, Ascension, ThreeFold Flame. This is a full 2-day workshop (12-14 hours)  necessary to receive the complete teachings with all explanations and practice. Magnified Healing constantly evolves, and the latest edition of the manual (2005) offers more articles, information, directions, explanations, etc.  At the time of the workshop, you receive the official 85-page Magnified Healing manual and certificate, a practice cassette or CD, and one bottle of MH Essence.  After your initiation, you are certified and empowered to teach anywhere in the world after doing the practice of MH for 11 continuous days (on yourself and/or others).  This remains a daily practice and it is necessary to use, understand and integrate the energies for at least 4 months before taking the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner workshop with one of the officially Certified 3rd Phase Master-Teachers authorized to teach. There are now several certified Teachers of the 3rd Phase workshop throughout the world.  At the 1st Phase workshop, you receive a powerful initiation. The manual for this workshop is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French, Chinese, Finnish, Turkish, Italian, Greek and Croatian.

Celebration:  Pre-requisite:  Initiate of Magnified Healing 1st Phase.  You can take this workshop immediately after your 1st Phase Initiation - no waiting period.  This workshop also comes with its own official manual and certificate and a set of handouts. This is a 2-part workshop: the workshop (5-6 hours) and the Celebration Ceremony (2-3 hours depending on the number of guests attending). The Certification is given to the students at the end of the Celebration Ceremony. The Celebration Ceremony is opened to the general public, except children under 14 years of age.  There is no minimum daily practice of the 1st Phase after you take this course which means that you can teach the workshop and organize Celebrations immediately after you are certified.  One does not have to have taken the Celebration workshop in order to be a facilitator at the Celebration, but must be MH initiate. Only those who have taken the workshop are officially certified to teach, organize and direct the Magnified Healing Celebration ceremony. The Celebration workshop is not a requirement for the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner workshop. The manual for this workshop is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, French and Chinese.

3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner workshop: Pre-requisite: Initiate of Magnified Healing 1st Phase for at least 4 months and practice of the 1st Phase technique for 11 consecutive days before the workshop. This is a full 2-day workshop (12-14 hours).  Again, you receive the official 82-page manual and certificate.  You receive a certificate as Practitioner, which means you can practice on yourself and give healing sessions, however you are not certified to teach. You will need to use the energy for at least 6 months before taking the 3rd Phase Instructor's (or Teacher Training) workshop. We suggest that you document your case histories. 3rd Phase workshop is very intense and almost fifty percent of the workshop time is spent preparing the energies to receive the technique.  It is of a high dimensional energy frequency vibration where the energies of the 1st Phase are elevated, expanded and intensified to the cosmic level.  We always allow the Practitioners to repeat this workshop for a minimal fee. The manual for this workshop is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch and French.  There are now many initiated Instructors-Teachers in several countries. They are the only ones certified to teach the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner's workshop.

3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Instructor's ( or Teacher Training) workshop: Pre-requisite: Magnified Healing 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Practitioner for at least 6 months and having taught MH 1st Phase at least 6 months before the workshop. This is a full 4-day workshop in which you also receive a 72-page manual and a certificate as Master-Teacher of the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing'.
This workshop is on a request and invitation basis.  In addition to Rev. Gisèle King, there are now ten Grand Master-Teachers of the 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Teacher Training workshop in the world.  Please monitor the Upcoming Events page of our website for future 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Instructor's workshops.

None of the above workshops are self-taught courses and none can be taught through the Intenet, video or at distance, etc.  The teacher needs to be present in person to demonstrate the movements of the hands, explain the affirmations and administer the powerful Initiation.  An Initiation is given at the 1st Phase, 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' and 3rd Phase Instructor's Training workshops. Please e-mail us for a teacher in your area:
Indicate the city and country where you live as well as your zip code if you reside in the U.S.

Rev. Gisèle King is available to teach any of these workshops in your area, all over the world.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring her to teach a 3rd Phase 'Light Healing' Instructor's workshop in your area, you may get in touch with her through the e-mail address: and she will send a Letter of Invitation to all who qualify.

Q. 5 - As a certified Teacher, can I give the attunement to someone without teaching the course?

A. No. In fact the attunement is the whole process. The whole workshop experience is the attunement. If you read Kwan Yin's transmission before the Initiation Ceremony, She tells us that She orchestrates and seals those energies (that we have co-created with God Most High and used throughout the whole process) into perfect synthesis in the Initiation Ceremony. Administering the drop of especially blended Magnified Healing Essence also seals these energies. So, if you give the Initiation without teaching the full course first, this Initiation serves no purpose.

Q. 6 - Can we teach Magnified Healing to children?

A. Magnified Healing is a more advanced teaching and one needs to be old enough to totally comprehend concepts of Chakra, Karma, Hierarchy, Violet Fire, Chohan, Holy Spirit, etc., all the terms that are used in the First Phase glossary. Kwan Yin says that children under 14 years of age need their karma and it is not until that age that they can fully understand the concept of karma and consciously affirm that they want to release their limitations. She has been seen to hold newborn babies and transmute a portion of their past negative karma under special circumstances, but never all of it. Even highly knowledgeable and spiritual children do not have the brain capacity to understand all the wisdom and learning that comes with the First Phase. The act of doing the practice every day would be over and above their understanding. Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and other new children are here to be our teachers, but they have also chosen to come to this third dimension to continue their soul progression and brought with them remnants of karma to be redeemed. Children can be treated with Magnified Healing, but instead of doing the Healing of Karma, we work with them with the concept of forgiveness.

Q. 7 -  Is it normal for all kinds of "negative" emotions to surface in the 11-day empowerment practice period or thereafter? The energy seems overwhelming. I find a lot of anger and great resistance surfacing within.

A. Any kind of healing, be it Reiki, Magnified Healing, Light Touch Healing, etc., will stir up issues that have to be resolved. The symptoms are different for different people. But that is a sign that the healing is working and that issues coming forth have to be dealt with and healed. You might want to just go within and ask what it is that you need to work on at any and/or all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Crises can and do happen. It's like peeling the onion, so to speak. Issues are coming up to be released and the daily practice is designed to help us move forward and for this to happen, it is important to let go of old beliefs, patterns, programs and conditionings so that we may fully appreciate our true I AM Presence and that we are following our divine plan.  This in itself can bring about a part of us that is resisting to changes. It is very easy at this time to be thrown off balance as our systems are being fine-tuned. Are we approaching situations from the heart or fear? We need to love ourselves unconditionally, without judgment and honor who we are in the moment as that moment is perfect even though it may seem not to be.  Breathe in wellness, wholeness, abundance, peace, harmony, etc. Taking one drop of Essence daily will also support your healing process.


The Magnified Healing® technique is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. The technique described in our manuals is in no way to be considered as a substitute to your own inner guidance, or consultation with a licensed health care professional. We never make any claim that Magnified Healing® only will heal the person. We believe in a combination of allopathic and alternative healing treatments.