Our new representative in Europe

Beloved Magnified Healing® Teachers and Practitioners,

Our dear Rev.  Gisèle King and Kwan Yin always wanted to make Magnified Healing® workshops accessible to everyone in the world. More than ever, we need to work together for a more peaceful and harmonious life on Earth.

Keeping that in mind and my promise to always respect Gisèle ’s wishes I have made the decision to appoint Ana Kubla, our representative from Croatia as our new representative for Europe.

Ana Kubla has been a Magnified Healing representative for 13 years and is also a Grand Master Teacher.  Gisèle had great respect and loved her dearly. And I feel the same way as my beloved Gisèle.

Beginning November 2022, all teachers and practitioners from Europe can order the hard copy manuals and certificates from her. She will sell the complete 1st Phase kits to you (manual+ certificate + mp3) for most languages. She can also sell the Celebration and 3rd Phase Practitioner manuals and certificates.
Right now, she has the hard copy manuals in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Croatian Italian, Finnish, Greek and Farsi.

Ana Kubla´s email addresses are: akubla@yahoo.com and ana@trueself.hr

To make the processing of orders easier for Ana Kubla, those of you who speak only Portuguese, Spanish and Italian can continue sending the orders via our website here in the USA and I, Valeria Pereira, will forward all orders to her. Link: https://magnifiedhealing.com/shop/

Those of you who wish to purchase the digital kits to teach the workshops, please contact me, Valeria Pereira. Digital kits are only sold under certain circumstances and a virtual training class is needed before you can purchase and teach with the digital kits. To find more information about it please read the article: Our Workshops and Classes in 2022 – Magnified Healing® in the official website @ Our Workshops and Classes in 2022 – Magnified Healing®

Love, Light and many Blessing to all of you.

Valeria Pereira


Valeria Pereira
Author: Valeria Pereira