Questions and Answers

 Rev. Gisele King, Mauritius 2006
Rev. Gisele King, Mauritius 2006

These answers were prepared by The OFFICIAL Magnified Healing® team

Q. 1 – What is the difference between Reiki and
Magnified Healing?

A. This is a question that is asked occasionally and I will answer here but please note that Magnified Healing and Reiki only have in common that they are both vibrational energy healings. Other than that, they are completely different and don’t work the same way. This is why we advise that you do not mix Reiki and Magnified Healing in a treatment session. The Reiki energy is passed via attunements from the Teacher. It is channeled energy and is directed into the body of the person. The body takes the energy and utilizes it to the level of acceptance of the individual receiving it and the imbalances are processed through the natural processes of the body in a number of ways like crying, sleeping, etc. In Magnified Healing, you co-create the energy with GOD MOST HIGH; you become it. You are a co-creator. The MH energy flows through the body of the client using a specific technique that immediately releases all misqualified energies and imbalances that are then transmuted. Magnified Healing is a high dimensional frequency vibration healing energy and in that it is a tool for the Ascension process because its focus is on the heart – Unconditional Spiritual Love and Compassion – we build our Light Body, we work with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Ascended Masters, and we are of service to others. Magnified Healing is used for distant healing, balancing the karma, activating all the strands of DNA as well as healing the Earth. MH is really an Ascension Initiation. It heals at all levels: physical, etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual. It also introduces the student to the Hierarchy (Melchizedek, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Buddha, Shekinah (Holy Spirit), etc.).

Please read question #5 for information on the Initiation.

Reiki or other healing modalities are not prerequisites for any of the Magnified Healing workshops. The requisites for the 1st Phase workshop are listed in Question 4 below.

Q. 2 – Why do Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Teachers Need To Review The Workshop? I took the workshop in 2003 and taught for a few years. Now, when I placed my order I was informed that I should take the “1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class” before I can teach again.

A. Magnified Healing evolves constantly; especially since the Sacred Names were added to the daily practice. Kwan Yin is constantly transmitting new teachings to me, Rev. Gisèle King, according to my spiritual development, which allows me to understand, put in writing the new concepts, and give explanations on those teachings.  

If you became a Magnified Healing® 1st Phase Teacher between 1992 and 2016 and would like to continue teaching, you must review the 1st Phase workshop because many new teachings have been added to the manual.  Sacred names and phrases have been incorporated into MH technique and daily practice. In 2018, the information about the essential oil for the Initiation was added.

The current manual has 112 pages – teachings plus 20 pages with pictures showing the movements for the Healing of self and of others. The new CD (or MP3) has Sacred names and Expressions.

MH teachers need to receive all necessary explanations on the new articles, they need to know how to teach the Sacred Names to their students, and how to pronounce them correctly so they carry the correct vibration. It would be a great disservice to your students if you had taught them something that you have not learned and understood first. 

The “1st Phase Review and Advanced Studies Class” lasts 2 days. You can take it online or in person. To read more about this class, visit our page

To find upcoming Classes go to

To find teachers in your country or region go to and click on the symbol next to the search button.

All teachers who teach the 1st Phase workshop in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch and German should purchase the complete kit: manual + certificate + MP3 for their students.


Q. 3 – Many websites post the fees for their workshops as a flat fee. However, Magnified Healing® posts the fees for the workshops as a maximum fee allowed. Why is that?

A. Having a maximum fee allowed determined prevents students from being exploited financially. Recently, we found out that a teacher in the USA has been charging $600.00 for the 1st Phase Workshop. This is outrageous. For that reason, we have decided to put the maximum fee allowed for each workshop on the website.

The teachers should structure their own fees for the workshops, while respecting the maximum fee the teacher is allowed to charge. Please feel free to change a lower fee because there are many variables that enter into consideration such as the economic situation of a country and even in a specific area of that country where the economy might be more depressed; if a teacher incurs traveling expenses such as airfare, rental of a venue, accommodation, provides meals, etc., the fee should be higher. Bear in mind that Kwan Yin wants Magnified Healing® to be available to everyone, but at the same time being a part of their own prosperity.

We believe that there are other teachers around the world overcharging for the workshops and that is very disappointing as Magnified Healing is about love, service, compassion and empathy. When teachers overcharge for their workshops, people start saying “this or that healing technique is all about the money”. Kwan Yin wants Magnified Healing to be accessible to everyone in the world. Not having some guidance leaves students vulnerable and subject to be financially taken advantage of.

We have posted on our newsletter information about all workshops and classes. Link:  

You can also read about the workshops by visiting


Q. 4 – Kwan Yin’s electronic pattern is the Five-Petaled Lotus.
What is an electronic pattern?

A. Every individual has a life pattern (a flower, flame, cross, etc.) that is stamped on every electron of energy he uses or that flows through him/her. It is a pattern given the God-Flame when individualized. The vibration of your individuality has a specific pattern, also a certain tone, or music theme. Kwan Yin’s electronic pattern is the Five-Petaled Lotus. It is her vibratory energy. The Lotus symbol is not used in the practice of Magnified Healing, only as the Logo.

Q. 5 – When you speak about Kwan Yin, you mention that “Kwan Yin was the Chohan of the 7th Ray”. What is a Chohan and what is the 7th Ray?

A. A Chohan is a Lord of one of the seven rays. He is the Law of that Ray to the Earth. The Chohan’s action is to serve the souls of individuals embodied on earth. The Chohans of the Seven Rays are the messengers of the Seven Elohim (Creator Gods) from the Central Sun. Seven Archangels were the first Chohans of the rays to the earth. The Seven Rays are the sum total of the divine Consciousness, of the Universal Mind. They embody the divine purpose and express the qualities required for achieving this purpose. Rays are, more or less, emanations of energy from the Heart of the Most High, through that of a Master, directed towards not only mankind and the earth, but to the whole universe. (from Law of Life book – ADK Luk publications)

The 7th Ray is the ray of Freedom. It is the Violet Ray. It is a ceremonial ray, the ray of conscious invocation by which the quality of energy is changed. Its action is that of purification and redemption; it is the ray of sublimation and transmutation. The Violet Flame is the Flame of forgiveness, purification, transmutation, and reconstitution. It might be fair to say that the majority of the spiritual (not necessarily religious) people on earth at this time are born under the 7th ray. Magnified Healing is not an Initiation into a Ray but it does not exclude the working of the different rays through an individual. In the 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ practice, we work with the Elohim of the Seven Rays who teach us the power of manifestation.

Q. 6- As a certified Teacher, can I give the attunement to someone without teaching the course?

A. No. In fact, the whole workshop experience is attunement. If you read Kwan Yin’s transmission before the Initiation Ceremony, She tells us that She orchestrates and seals those energies (that we have co-created with God Most High and used throughout the whole process) into a perfect synthesis in the Initiation Ceremony. So, if you give the Initiation without teaching the full course first, this Initiation serves no purpose.

Q. 7- Can we teach Magnified Healing to children?

A. Magnified Healing is more advanced teaching and one needs to be old enough to totally comprehend concepts of Chakra, Karma, Hierarchy, Violet Fire, Chohan, Holy Spirit, etc., all the terms that are used in the First Phase glossary. Kwan Yin says that children under 14 years of age need their karma and it is not until that age that they can fully understand the concept of karma and consciously affirm that they want to release their limitations. She has been seen to hold newborn babies and transmute a portion of their past negative karma under special circumstances, but never all of it. Even highly knowledgeable and spiritual children do not have the brain capacity to understand all the wisdom and learning that come with the First Phase. The act of doing the practice every day would be over and above their understanding. Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and other new children are here to be our teachers, but they have also chosen to come to this third dimension to continue their soul progression and brought with them remnants of karma to be redeemed.

Q. 8 – Is it normal for all kinds of “negative” emotions to surface in the 11-day empowerment practice period or thereafter? The energy seems overwhelming. I find a lot of anger and great resistance surfacing within.

A. Any kind of healing, be it Reiki, Magnified Healing, Light Touch Healing, etc., will stir up issues that have to be resolved. The symptoms are different for different people. But that is a sign that the healing is working and that issues coming forth have to be dealt with and healed. You might want to just go within and ask what it is that you need to work on at any and/or all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Crises can and do happen. It’s like peeling the onion, so to speak. Issues are coming up to be released and the daily practice is designed to help us move forward and for this to happen, it is important to let go of old beliefs that don’t serve us anymore, patterns, programs, and conditioning so that we may fully appreciate our true I AM Presence and that we are following our divine plan. This in itself can bring about a part of us that is resisting changes. It is very easy at this time to be thrown off balance as our systems are being fine-tuned. Are we approaching situations from the heart or fear? We need to love ourselves unconditionally, without judgment, and honor who we are in the moment as that moment is perfect even though it may seem not to be. Breathe in wellness, wholeness, abundance, peace, harmony, etc.


The Magnified Healing® technique is not intended to diagnose or prescribe. The technique described in our manuals is in no way to be considered as a substitute to your own inner guidance, or consultation with a licensed health care professional. We never make any claim that Magnified Healing® only will heal the person. We believe in a combination of allopathic and alternative healing treatments.