Stories and Letters

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“About a year and a half ago I got an e-mail from a daughter of one of my students with the urgent request of sending Magnified Healing to her mother, which I will call Mrs. K. Mrs., K is a longtime Magnified Healing student and 3rdPhase Light Healer, age 65 years. She had just traveled with one of her daughters and grandchildren to Australia to spend some time with them there. Her daughter and husband and grandchildren live there. She got a massive heart attack and was immediately transferred to one of the bigger hospitals there. Because of her condition she needed several bypasses surgery. Then they found out that due to her thyroid condition they couldn’t operate on her for a month until levels of her thyroid were ok.

That night I had a group coming in for a Magnified Healing practice evening and decided to do a group Magnified Healing 3rd Phase Light Healing distance healing for her. With the group, we did our activation and the preparation and followed the procedure for the 3rdPhase Light Healing. We treated all systems especially the endocrine and blood circulation systems with the Broad Laser Beam then we worked with the fine point laser beam especially in the veins and arteries of the heart and other veins which would be used for the bypass. Then we asked permission to do a transplant of the thyroid and did so. At the end of the healing, we treated all subtle bodies. Also, we called in the help of Metatron for bringing in Electrons. This process was seen by some of the healers. Also one of the healers got confirmation that the transplant had been done immediately. We were very grateful as a group for the special healing.

I send an email to her daughter that we did send a group distance healing and that we would send daily Magnified Healing to her mother. The next day I received an email, that her mother had the surgery that same night! And all went well! Her recovery went well and just before she took the flight back to Holland, I did send two more Magnified Healing 3rd Phase Light Healing distance healings on her request.

Mrs. K. is doing fine to this day and we all were very grateful for this experience and we thank Kwan Yin, God Most High, and all beings of light who participated in the healing!”

DC, The Netherlands

“Magnified Healing hoje faz parte da minha vida. Eu me integro inteiramente a esta energia, com humildade, me sinto una com Deus para ajudar meus semelhantes.

Conheci Magnified Healing em 2006 e fiz os três níveis do curso. Fiz algumas reciclagens, dentre elas, em 2009 tive a alegria de me reciclar com Gisèle King em São Paulo, Brasil.

Dentre várias experiências que venho tendo com esta modalidade de cura, destaco este caso de câncer no sacro, que relato resumidamente. Recebi uma jovem muito nervosa e triste com cirurgia marcada para retirada de um tumor no sacro que crescia assustadoramente. Ela tinha 90% de chance de perder os movimentos das pernas e de sair do hospital com uma bolsa de colostomia. A cirurgia foi adiada e ela voltou para mais algumas sessões de tratamento comigo.

Ao retornar no médico, uma nova ressonância constatou que o tumor parou de crescer. A cirurgia foi novamente adiada, para desespero da paciente. Quando finalmente fizeram a última ressonância para operar, o médico disse que além de ter parado de crescer, o tumor tinha diminuído. A cirurgia foi realizada com apenas 10% de probabilidade de sucesso. A paciente saiu do hospital andando e sem a bolsa. Quando a paciente acordou da cirurgia, tinha uma enorme equipe médica ao seu redor e o médico a perguntou o que ela tinha feito nesse período de espera para operar, porque eles nunca tinham visto um caso com o dela. O tumor parou de crescer e reduziu de uma forma contrária à lei da gravidade, o que liberou a área que comprometia o intestino e o movimento das pernas. Um ano depois os médicos ligaram pedindo licença para publicar este caso num jornal.

Tenho muita gratidão a Deus por me permitir o acesso a esta prática e a uso intensamente, sempre que necessito ajudar alguém.”

C.L.A.P. , Brazil

Dear Madam Gisele,

With your support,  Teacher E’s guidance and Lady Kwan Yin’s presence and blessings, I have finally taken my first step in the work of spreading the Light. Starting from the understanding of the concepts and making the slide material, running into the necessary books and resources , deciding on the date to conduct the workshop, the number of books to be ordered, and getting people for this workshop,I was completely guided and protected.

I have been thinking of writing to you before but just didn’t get the courage to write about something that might be too small for you .But something in me just told me that even though you are so used to miracles through Magnified Healing and Lady Kwan Yin , I do want to share my whole magical experience of my First MH Class ever.

 Its just been 5 months for me when I have moved to Vancouver from Seattle and being so new here and not knowing anyone I was pretty scared initially to take this workshop. However the day I was thinking about taking my class I heard a voice so loud and clear which said “FIVE” “FIVE” “FIVE”. and I without questing ordered 5 sets of Magnified Healing teaching material. Even though I had complete trust on Lady Kwan Yin as she was very persuasive in making me take this class, but was not sure how it would happen. I didn’t want to market my workshop and reach out people as I knew E. was conducting the workshop 2 weeks later in Vancouver and I could not have publicized my event as I really respect him and didn’t want people to choose between two dates. I did question Lady Kwan Yin about why are you wanting me to conduct this class 2 weeks before my mentor and guide is taking one. But she confirmed that ” Trust in me”. 

I just spoke to my friends who are in Seattle about the workshop  and they showed interest but somehow or the other till the last few days they were not sure if they could make it as they had a lot of ups and downs in their respective family and job front. A week before I managed to get 4 people but the 5th person was just not reaching me. I didn’t bother about the 5th person and continued being grateful for at least the 4 students that I could get despite the fact that I did not know anyone .two days before the workshop one of my friends asked me if she could get her mentor (Reiki Master and automatic writer) for the class.and there it was -my fifth student. Instead of being elated that Lady Kwan Yin’s words were fulfilled, I got chills and fell sick because I was not sure of my capabilities of feeding the knowledge and hunger of such an experienced person and that too in my first class when I already had the fear of meeting the expectations of people who were specially coming down all the way from Seattle, trusting in me for this workshop.I again invoked for Lady Kwan Yin’s help and cried that why did she have to send such a knowledgeable person to my first class? why? Again in her sweet compassionate tone she told me to “Trust” and I did. Of course I had no choice!

But Trust Me ,Madam Gisele, all the time during the workshop I could feel the direct download of wisdom from Lady Kwan Yin herself and her compassionate energy touched everyone at a very deep level. Everyone including my friends mentor left very heartfelt testimonials and their enthusiasm increased my confidence to move ahead in the world with Magnified Healing. Till date I have been getting thank you messages for every beautiful thing that comes up in their lives because of MH.

I wanted to Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In fact, since the time I have been practicing Magnified Healing, I have lost all words in my dictionary to express my gratitude towards you. Please accept my heartfelt big hug as no words can now express the blissful state of my existence.

S. K. , Canada