Welcome to our new website!

Dear Magnified Healing® Practitioner,

This new site has much of the information that you are already familiar with. But there is a lot of unique content and features that I’m sure you’ll love.

  • Personalized directory. If you are a certified practitioner, you can now personalize your listing with your photo. The directory is now also searchable by language, in addition to name, city, and country.
  • Please watch the video prepared by our web designer to learn how put and save all your certificates in one PDF document. You will need that PDF document for your profile update.   Link to the video:  Magnified Healing®  certificates pdf – YouTube
  • Searchable Upcoming Events. The Upcoming Events page now has a much-improved structure. You can personalize your event, add a description of the venue, and add a picture and description of the organizer. The workshops and classes now also searchable by language, location, date, and level.
  • Languages. You can now read the Magnified Healing® website in 16 different languages. This feature is the most requested by our practitioners and teachers on all continents. ***
  • Mobile. Now it is easier to read the Magnified Healing® website on your mobile phone and tablet.
  • Improved shop. The pictures of the products are more prominent for your best viewing. You can also shop in 16 different languages.
  • Photo Gallery. Get to see and know the people and venues that are part of our Magnified Healing community.
  • Newsletter. Sign up to receive news about events, workshops, Magnified Healing® circles, social media groups, updates about workshops, videos, etc.

Important note: Please log in at the Magnified Healing website to review your listing in the Practitioner directory. Although we took great care in moving your information accurately to the new website, some information may be missing or incomplete because of some glitches during the move. Now is also an excellent opportunity to update your profile to include any new information.

If you need to reset your password to update your profile in our Practitioner/Teacher Directory, please go to LOGIN, click on “forgot password”.

We have more exciting plans that we will announce soon in our Newsletters.


*** Languages – The objective is to help thousands of practitioners to fill out forms, submit their profiles, read our pages and place their orders in their own language.

We wish to advise that the translations are not accurate. For instance, the name Magnified Healing® is translated in many languages in many different ways. We know that because Magnified Healing® is a Trademark name, it should never be translated. So, we thank you for your understanding in this matter in respecting the International Copyright and Trademark laws, by asking your students to only use the name Magnified Healing® in all documents written for publication, distribution, etc.

We wish to refer you to the Intellectual Property article in your 1st Phase manual for more information.

Warm regards and have a blessed day!

Rev. Gisèle King


Magnified Healing®, Inc.







Valeria Pereira
Author: Valeria Pereira